Complete your top and we can help finish your quilt!

Turn around time is 2 weeks.

2021 HOLIDAY Quilting – Quilting slots are FULL for the remainder of 2021! Thank you all for your support! I will open back up for quilting in mid-January 2022! ~Megan

Edge to edge computerized quilting. A design is quilted evenly over your entire quilt in one color of thread (quilting will extend an inch beyond your quilt top in most cases). You can view all of my designs here!

Mail in quilts are welcome! I am located in Helotes. TX for local drop off to my home (appointment required).

I charge by the square inch. My rate is $0.02 per square inch.

(ex, if your quilt is 50″x60″ you multiply 50×60=3,000 square inches).

3000 x .02 = $60

Batting. Customer provides are parts of the quilt to include the batting. I carry a roll of Hobb’s 80/20 white batting. It is available for purchase by the linear inch.

Feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more information!

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